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Eat, Drink and Lounge at the Eclipse Theaters this Fall

Eat at your movie seat or in the restaurant

Eclipse Theaters lounge
Eclipse Theaters bar rendering
Eclipse Theaters

The exterior is almost complete at downtown's eight-screen Eclipse Theaters, readying for a now promised "fall" debut. Not only will it become a major asset in encouraging further revitalization of the neighborhood, it provides locals with a new bar, lounge and restaurant.

Located at the corner of Third Street and Gass Avenue, the three-story, 72,000-square foot project boasts theaters ranging in size from 49 seats to 84 for the smaller rooms.

Separate from the corridor leading to the theaters will sit the main bar and restaurant, featuring an open lounge area and a corner balcony patio facing toward Fremont Street.

The design was described back in March as "dim lighting, accentuated with comfortable seating sectioned to create romantic enclaves in some areas," a style reflected in the latest rendering of their bar.

The restaurant is expected to be roomy enough for around 76 guests, featuring a "chef-driven menu" and an "extensive wine list." Eclipse is also heavily promoting the option for moviegoers to order food and cocktails to be brought right to their seats while watching a film.

Work continues on the interior and hiring new staff, with potential employees told a late October launch is still very possible.

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Eclipse Theaters

814 S. Third St. , Las Vegas, NV 89101