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New York’s Papaya King Arrives in Las Vegas

The famous New York street food institution is here

 Papaya King
Papaya King
Papaya King

Papaya King
Address: 4503 Paradise Rd.
Phone: 702-685-8769
Open daily from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m.

Proudly boasting that it has been serving the best hot dog in New York since 1932, Papaya King has debuted in Las Vegas at Harmon Square, allowing another section of the country see what all the fuss is about.

With scores of celebrity fans and generations of loyal customers to backup the claims, Papaya King sits across from the Hard Rock Hotel, at the corner of Harmon and Paradise.

The legacy began on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in 1932, displaying neon signage and an easy to spot, distinctive yellow design, both of which have been brought out west.

Described by Julia Child as "the best hot dog in New York," the fast casual menu is also famed for their tropical drink selection, like banana daiquiri, coconut champagne, papaya and piña colada, ready to be paired with the lineup of all-American hot dogs.

More than a dozen specialty hot dog variants are available, including the "Musher," made with mushrooms and sauteed peppers, the "Onion Overload" with regular, crunchy and raw onion, the "Side on Top," with curly fries added to chili and cheese sauce and the "Upper East," created with pastrami, pickle chips and sauerkraut.