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Behold the Lucky Dragon Bao Now Menu

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A 24-hour, casual casino floor dining option debuts.

Bao Now
Bao Now
Nelson Q

Bao Now
Address: Lucky Dragon Casino & Hotel, 300 W. Sahara Ave.
Phone: 702-889-8018
Open 24-hours daily

Still scheduled for a Dec 3. grand opening, the Lucky Dragon Casino & Hotel instead debuted two weeks early, welcoming guests to the first Las Vegas resort to "deliver an authentic Asian lifestyle experience."

With four dining options, ranging from the casual to the fine dining option of PhoenixBao Now is the resort’s quick and easy, counter service option.

Located a couple of steps from the casino floor and adjacent to the Asian street food-inspired Dragon's Alley, Bao Now hosts less than a dozen stools, but the resort is actively encouraging guests to grab, go and enjoy their choices in "all areas of the resort."

Prices continue a resort-wide motif of utilizing lucky Chinese number eight whenever possible and the varied menu features rice dishes, dim sum, noodle soup and bao, with "daily features" promised for the future.


Classic Noodle Soup

Choice of thin, or thick egg noodle, ho fun

Choice of Topping

Wonton (pork & shrimp) $11.88

Fish balls $11.88

Squid balls $11.88

Beef meatballs $11.88

BBQ pork $11.88

Mixed meatballs $12.88

Beef stew $13.88

Roasted duck $13.88


Bahn mi $9.88

Pho beef $11.88

Taiwan style beef noodle soup $13.88

Rice Dishes

White or brown rice

Choice of Topping

BBQ pork $11.88

Steamed chicken $12.88

Beef stew $13.88

Roasted duck $13.88


Lean pork & preserved egg $11.88

Shredded chicken & abalone $16.88


Yang chow fried rice $12.88

Curry chicken over rice $12.88

Hainan chicken $13.88

Dim Sum

Har gow (3) $6.88

Shumai (4) $5.88

Shanghai juicy dumplings (5) $7.88

Spicy spinach scallop dumplings (5) $8.88

Steamed BBQ pork bun (3) $5.88

BBQ pork puff (3) $5.88

Portuguese egg tart (2) $6.88

Pan seared daikon cake (3) $6.88


Braised pork chop $5.88

Braised beef $5.88

Braised pork belly $5.88

Mixed wild mushrooms $5.88

Grilled chicken $5.88

Drinks (cold or hot)

Add peach .50

Honey dew $3.88

Taro $3.88

Mango $3.88

Green tea $3.88

Red bean $3.88

Vietnamese coffee $3.88

Milk tea $3.88

Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino

300 West Sahara Avenue, , NV 89102 (702) 889-8018 Visit Website