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Former Retro Bakery Owner Has a New Business Up Her Sleeve

The “Salty Baker” has moved on from “Retro Bakery”

Tsp Baking Company
Tsp Baking Company
Tsp Baking Company

Kari Haskell earned local fame in 2008 as the creator of the concept and menu of Centennial’s Retro Bakery. But this year, she split from the bakery and co-owner husband, setting off on her own to create Tsp Bakery, due to debut very soon.

The new 2,280-square-foot location sits six miles east in North Las Vegas, at the Decatur Rice retail center, right at the intersection of Decatur Boulevard and Rice Avenue.

Tsp Baking Company interior Tsp Baking Company

Tsp Baking Company interior - Photo: Facebook

Already awaiting her loyal fan-base, a disco ball mounted above the counter. Planned for the menu, Kari's famed mini-cupcakes priced at $2 each, or $20 per dozen. Flavors include the "Party Cake" adorned with sprinkles, the "White Wedding" topped with almond buttercream and the "Monkey Bite," created with "cinnamon banana cake topped with caramel frosting and chips." Seasonal flavors will also be introduced throughout the year.

Cookies are priced at $1.50 and $16 per dozen, including their "Red Velvet Chip" and "Oatmeal Butterscotch." Cakes will be available in 4-inch, 6-inch and 9-inch sizes with custom orders taken and available everyday their "Party Cake," "Milk Chocolate Cookie" and the "Valentine," built with "two layers of red velvet cake filled with strawberry frosting and showered with hearts."

Another local favorite, Lappert's Ice Cream, will be providing the ice cream selections, saving a trip to its outpost at the California Hotel & Casino.

Tsp Bakery opening hours have yet to be revealed, but an opening day is expected this month.

Tsp Baking Company

6120 N Decatur Blvd #103, North Las Vegas, NV 89084, USA