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Hakkasan’s Level Up Almost Ready to Play

An “adult playground,” bar and lounge sets a debut date

Level Up rendering
Level Up rendering
Hakkasan Group

The Hakkasan Group has its eyes firmly on the millennial market for its next concept headed to the MGM Grand and has announced a surprisingly early debut date for its combination bar, lounge and "tech savvy, adult playground."

On Thursday, Dec. 29, Level Up will replace the 12,000-square-foot casino level space vacated by the shuttered Rainforest Cafe, transforming the large footprint with an early estimated construction budget of $2,198,043.

Decorated with murals, "colorful upholstery, and a mixture of metal and rustic finishes," guests will "pay to play" Level Up’s unconventional game collection including "QuadAir Hockey, Bubble Hockey, Sigma Derby, Giant Pac-Man and Connect Four, an arm wrestling table, and much more." It has not been announced if this is the exact same Sigma Derby machine that has long been a feature on the resort’s casino floor.

Patrons wishing to gamble with real money can press their luck on traditional casino games, operated in unconventional formats, in a dedicated section featuring a 40-seat arena to "provide a high-energy environment that will revolutionize the casino player culture."

Level Up lounge rendering
Level Up lounge - Rendering: The Hakkasan Group
The Hakkasan Group

There will also be the "world’s first indoor laser golf course," using "Augmented Reality" to let players experience "real-world courses on moving greens with laser guidance, while offering a bevy of interactive putting and other mini-games." The golf game will be connected to a "luxurious VIP lounge area accompanied by food and beverage offerings and a private model caddy. "

Level Up bar rendering The Hakkasan Group

Level Up bar - Rendering: The Hakkasan Group

Back in the non-virtual world, customers can head straight to the "Live Lucky Bar," serving 24 craft beers and a specialty cocktail menu, while being entertained by a "live DJ and endless entertainment across the multiple screens on display."

Opening hours have yet to be announced.

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