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Glutton Shutters in Downtown Las Vegas

The restaurant shutters

Amelinda B Lee

Bradley Manchester’s Glutton in Downtown Las Vegas shuttered after service on Sunday night.

On Instagram, the restaurant wrote: "What can we say about the last 18 months? We have had engagements, marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, births, and even deaths celebrated within these walls. We have been a part of your lives with our seasonal dishes, constructed cocktails, and entertaining service. You have supported us and become a part of our lives as more than guests, but our family. Closing tonight is the last thing we want for this family. Inevitably, all good things come to an end."

Glutton featured dishes cooked via a wood-burning oven. Manchester says his first restaurant was "[c]reated with an adventurous palate in mind." Dishes included a wood-oven roasted sea bream with fennel seed; an arugula and almond wood-fired flatbread topped with goat cheese, robiola, shishito, honey and pesto; a lamb neck sugo with smoked pappardelle; and Buffalo-style sweetbreads with pickled celery and whipped bleu cheese. Manchester partnered with local farms to create his own herb and greens mixes, and he relies on citruses and vinegars to flavor his dishes.


616 E Carson Ave Ste 110, Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 366-0623