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Aureole Now Accepting Post-Transformation Reservations

Aureole returns at Mandalay Bay earlier than expected.

Bradley Martin

Chef Charlie Palmer's Aureole at Mandalay Bay temporarily closed on Nov. 27, for what was described as a "transformation," vowing to return in late December, when the restaurant would reveal an "updated dining concept."

It now appears the work has gone a little quicker than expected and OpenTable is accepting reservations for as early as Friday, Dec. 23. The venue was scheduled to be ready by New Year's Eve, when the latest addition to the Aureole team, Executive Chef Johnny Church, will join Wine Director Harley Carbery to host a four-course special menu. The restaurant has also recently appointed Timothy Staehling, formerly with Ironside Fish & Oyster in San Diego, to oversee restaurant operations as general manager.

Aureole interior Bradley Martin

Aureole interior - Photo: Bradley Martin

The dramatic space is still open to visitors walking along the resort's restaurant row and shows no hints of large structural changes. Open since 1999, Aureole features five distinct dining rooms and the famous Swan Court, offering views of their water feature and home to a family of swans.


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