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Dance Inside the Party Atmosphere of Loco Cantina

See the rustic and industrial decor of Loco Cantina.

Loco Cantina
Loco Cantina
Amelinda B Lee

The new Loco Cantina at Town Square brings a "fiesta-like" atmosphere. A large, inverted neon sign that says "Drink" greets guests as they enter, and another sign reading "Taco" can be seen from the front door. The rustic yet industrial design uses repurposed doors with vintage hardware and crates that descend from the ceiling as part of the décor, while industrial light fixtures housing Edison bulbs hang from the ceiling. Slate-wrapped columns feature the daily specials in chalk. Salvaged wood panels on the wall and seats at the bar pop in reds. The bar uses an exposed metal casing wrapped in mesh. Guests can dine at one of four tables for communal dining as well. The outdoor patio features a pergola awning with garage doors. Diners can watch one of nine televisions found throughout the restaurant, with two on the patio. Plenty of room here. Guests can sit at one of the 230 seats with 80 found on the patio. Take a look inside.

Loco Cantina

, Las Vegas, NV (725) 600-7555