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Venetian's Mercato della Pescheria to Feature Miami Roots

Seafood and pasta to join an Italian market at the Grand Canal Shoppes.

Mercato della Pescheria
Mercato della Pescheria
Bradley Martin

Miami-based V&E Restaurant Group is bringing Mercato della Pescheria to the Venetian's Grand Canal Shoppes, planning to offer a taste of Italy, by way of Miami Beach.

The corner St. Mark's Square replacement for Wolfgang Puck's Postrio was originally dubbed Pescaria when first revealed in December. The "Restaurant Market" is now featuring renderings of the 16,479-sqaure-foot space on its new plywood, with images of hanging Italian cured meats, shelves of cheeses, wine and cans of sauces.

Mercato della Pescheria

Mercato della Pescheria plywood- Photo: Bradley Martin

Hints of future menu items can be found at Mercato's Miami Beach sibling. V&E's long running Cafe Nuvo has recently been renamed Mercato Della Pescheria Nuvo Seafood & Pasta to tie the two projects together and permit a reference to both Las Vegas and Miami on their new logo. This is their fifth name change since the original Cafe Nuvo debuted in 1997.

Nuvo's specialties are seafood and pasta dishes, plus "premium beef cuts inspired by Mediterranean and European cuisine" and a menu inspired by France, Italy and Spain, rather than the expected Italian-focused theme in Las Vegas.

Their "Mojito Bar" has also been a fixture since opening day, allowing guests to sit and people watch on Miami's Espanola Way. The Venetian's Mercato Della Pecheria will also offer patio seating, close to recent arrival Paris Baguette Cafe.

V&E Restaurant Group already operates the 24-hour Café Americano at Caesars Palace and has promised their expansion to the Grand Canal is "coming soon."


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