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Jet Tila Shutters His Kuma Snow Cream in Chinatown

Tila says it was a business decision.

Kuma Snow Cream
Kuma Snow Cream
Chelsea McManus

Kuma Snow Cream, the shaved ice dessert spot from Jet Tila, shuttered in Chinatown. Tila, the former executive chef at Wazuzu at Encore Las Vegas who’s now based in Los Angeles, says it was a business decision to close the restaurant that debuted in 2013.

"We decided to close Las Vegas and focus on New York City and licensing," Tila tells Eater Vegas exclusively. "A restaurant close by wanted the space so we gave it up. Totally a business decision."

The shave ice spot served creamy shaved ice in five flavors: mango, kuma snow, taro, strawberry and green tea, each served in cups with the adorable panda logo on the side. Kuma means polar bear in Japanese.

Kuma Snow Cream also won the So Hot Right Now award from Eater Vegas in 2013. He is currently the chef of The Charleston and Pakpao Thai.

Kuma Snow Cream

3735 Spring Mountain Road Suite 206, Las Vegas, NV 89102 702-816-5862