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Jaburritos Bringing Sushi Burritos and Jachos to Spring Valley

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Chef John Lee is expanding his love of Japanese and Mexican food.

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Chef John Chien Lee created quite a stir when he launched his Jaburritos concept late last year, close to the Palace Station. But the owner of Soho Japanese Restaurant revamped the brand after three months into Soho SushiBurrito to better to attract the loyal fan base for his original restaurant.

To fill his long-planned expansion dreams, Lee has gone back to the Jaburritos name and will be bringing his fusion of Japanese and Mexican dishes to Spring Valley inside a retail center at the intersection of Rainbow and Patrick.

The 1,589-square-foot space is not much larger than the very popular, 1,400-square-foot original that only features a couple of dozen seats. With a current estimated construction budget of $110,000, Lee and his team expect to be ready within two to three months, a first step in creating multiple Jaburritos around Las Vegas.

On the menu, Spring Valley can experience their signature, sushi burritos and another cultural hybrid, "jachos," featuring a choice of tortilla or taro chips, plus salads, rice bowls, smoothies and juices.


6090 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 998-4121