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See What The ChiAm Dim Sum Invasion Looks Like Inside

Amelinda B Lee

The owners of Henderson's East Ocean Dim Sum & Seafood want to take dim sum and other Chinese dishes and make them ubitquitous with a fast food approach. Their efforts start with the second ChiAm, part of a takeover of the Las Vegas fast casual market. This second location of the dim sum restaurant now open on Charleston Boulevard is part of an aggressive approach that includes 14 more on the way in Nevada, eight more in Arizona and 20 in California. This local casual Asian restaurant plans to bring "healthy organic dishes" made with organic vegetables, hormone-free flank steak and free-range chicken. None use MSG.

Look for dim sum dishes such as jumbo pork and shrimp siu mai, Shanghai pork dumpling, chiu chow chicken dumpling, green vegetable dumpling and veggie ham dumpling.

The menu also includes entrees such as the dynasty Mongolian beef, Mandarin chicken, emperor chicken and mushroom, Pacific garlic prawns and more.