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Updating the Status of Le Pho and Greens & Proteins at the Juhl

One is almost here, the other is not even close.

Le Pho
Le Pho
Bradley Martin

It is now 215 days since the Las Vegas Review-Journal predicted Le Pho and Greens & Proteins Healthy Kitchen were less than four months away from a debut at the Juhl residential building. That 100-day prediction has come and gone twice, but only Le Pho can now legitimately claim to be "coming soon."

First announced almost a year ago, the highly anticipated Le Pho will create a Vietnamese restaurant helmed by District One Kitchen & Bar executive chef Khai Vu. The 1,566 square feet corner space will also offer an eight-foot stretch of outdoor dining.

Most of the kitchen is in place, but the main dining room space still needs final fixtures and decor. Formerly promised hours were from 10 a.m to 10 p.m., featuring a menu including traditional pho bowls,Vietnamese chicken noodle soup, chef Vu's versions of banh mi and an omelet or soft boiled egg and oxtail rice as a breakfast dish.

The project began hiring in November and word on an imminent opening date is expected this month.

Greens & Proteins

Greens & Proteins - Photo Bradley Martin

On the opposite corner of the building, Greens & Proteins Healthy Kitchen have made little progress in the course of a year. When first proposed, Green & Proteins only operated two other locations. They have since launched three other outlets within the same time period.

No updates of a future timetable have been announced, but the interior space is still a vacant room and a dirt floor, many months from completion.

Greens & Proteins interior

Greens & Proteins interior - Photo Bradley Martin

The Juhl

, Las Vegas, NV