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Updating ReBar's Recycle, Repurpose and Reuse Theme

ReBar will sell you the seat you are drinking on. And the glass you are drinking from.

Bradley Martin

You won't be going thirsty on Main Street this year. Derek Stonebarger, formerly of Atomic Liquors, is pushing ahead with debuting his ReBar tavern on April 1. The bar's motto is "recycle, repurpose and reuse," an appropriate message for this replacement for the former Amberjoy's Vintage Closet store.

The Arts District project will occupy 1,775 square feet of main bar, plus 647 square feet of seating at the back of the property and eight prime seats right on Main Street, by the front door.

Described as a mix of "oddities" and "antiques," the interior is expected to continually change as almost everything from the recycled furniture to the artwork will be for sale. So, if you like your glass, your stool, the lighting, the table or the chairs, there will be a good chance you can take it with you if the price is right.

Rob Gurdison of D!G Design Group is working alongside Stonebarger. D!G created the look of Hop Nuts Brewery, a short walk away.

Inside, guests will encounter enough room for 88, including 22 stools at the long bar that dominates the left hand side of the tavern. A mix of chairs, sofas and armchairs fill the space. A tiny side bar is also imagined for the rear patio, that can fit up to 44 customers.

While listed as a "gastropub" on their Facebook account, no kitchen is part of ReBar's current plans. They are expected to live up to their other description as a "wine bar," promising to offer "100+ wines" and "corn free cocktails."

Amberjoys Vintage Closet

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