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Go Behind the Screens at the New Omakase Experience at Kame

You'll want to see what Kame has to offer.

Amelinda B Lee

Step inside chef Eric Kim’s new omakase tucked into the side of Yummi Grill & Sushi in Summerlin. Kame features a sushi bar and blonde woods in a reservation-only space. Kim, the former general manager at Hamada of Japan, bought Yummi Grill & Sushi and brought in chefs to train him for a few hours a week. He also traveled to Japan, Los Angeles and New York City to sample omakase restaurants and found that most places served about 21 pieces of mostly sashimi and nigiri and one or two hot items from the kitchen, usually in the $250 per person range.

Kim charges $150 for the experiences that focus on live seafood and in-season dishes. Some items at the moment include uni from Hokkaido, cod milt, kamashida tuna from Spain, live octopus from Hokkaido, kurasumi (dried and pressed mullet fish eggs) from Taiwan, live hairy Crab from Hokkaido, live lobster, live sea conch and more.

In the future, Kim plans to serve omakase specials and dinners where you can learn how to prepare some of the dishes.

Take a look inside.