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Bobby's Burger Palace to Serve More Booze with Their Crunch

Bobby Flay will be adding a new bar soon

Bobby's Burger Palace
Bobby's Burger Palace
Bradley Martin

The first Bobby's Burger Palace in Las Vegas just celebrated its second anniversary and the chain from celebrity chef Bobby Flay is bringing some changes to their Strip home and across their 19 burger locations.

Facing Las Vegas Boulevard and part of high-end Shops at Crystals family, BBP as chef Flay likes to call it, will be placing more prominence on a newly upgraded bar. Now hiring bartenders, they expect to launch on April 1 after spending an estimated $250,000 in construction costs.

The Palace has always had an alcohol component in Las Vegas, featuring the brand's first margarita bar, taking a cue from Flay's Mesa Grill at Caesars Palace. Currently being served are Frozen Cactus Pear and Frozen Mesa. Also on the menu, the BBP Red and BBP White wine and a beer selection that includes Fat Tire, Guinness and Dundee Honey Brown.

Best known for the signature Crunchburger, built with double American cheese and potato chips, Flay recently announced he was working on introducing three new salads, adding bacon cheese fries and he told the Philly Insider he is currently workshopping his first "veggie burger."

Bobby's Burger Palace

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