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Owl to Give a Hoot about Farm to Table and Local Beer

Hammer & Ales to be replaced by a new, "different, better" concept

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Dive bar Hammer & Ales survived a Bar Rescue reality TV transformation from Jon Taffer, but will soon be replaced by a more upscale concept, set to promote local beer artisans and an upgrade of bar menu favorites with a farm to table approach.

Owl from Stephan Galdau and his SMG Hospitality company aims to open on May 1, promising to be "different, better, local." Owl has already applied to keep the bar's video poker gaming license and plans to feature 24 taps, with eight occupied by Nevada producers, including Tonopah Brewing Co. Also available, 120 beers in cans and bottles and "170 different spirits." The soundtrack will be composed of "classic rock" and "classic hip-hop"

The menu will be "100% farm to table" according to Galdau, including "lamb, beef, pork, fish" dishes. Design upgrades have yet to be revealed.

Hammer & Aces was a 24/7 bar that received the critical eye and makeover of Jon Taffer, who changed the name from The Hammer, repaired a contentious relationship between the two chefs bar owners, improved the breadth of the beer selection to the existing 24 beers on tap and ultimately increased drink sales by 30 percent.

Hammer & Ales

3990 W Russell Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 597-1550 Visit Website