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Whiskey Dick's Saloon Gambles on a New, but Familiar Owner

You might be seeing a lot more of these sports bars in the future

Whiskey Dick's Saloon
Whiskey Dick's Saloon

Shuttered North Las Vegas 24-hour gaming saloon Whiskey Dick's has a new owner, set to to turn the 6,700-square-foot space into the first of many imagined local sports bars. Nevada Restaurant Services Inc., better known as the parent company behind ubiquitous gaming parlors Dotty's, will finally launch their long-proposed concept Bourbon Street Sports Bar in the space.

Dotty's CEO and founder Richard Craig Estey first floated the Bourbon Street brand in 2014, when his company began transforming Boulder City's Hacienda Hotel & Casino into the Hoover Dam Lodge. The plan was to drop the sports bar onto the casino floor. While the renovations did bring a Dotty's to the site, the Lounge Bar never received the full makeover.

Built in 2003, the Whiskey Dick's location will enable Estey to try again in a location very close to gaming rivals The Cannery Casino and across from the Cannery Corner retail center, home to fast food outlets such as Five Guys Burgers and Famous Dave's.

Whiskey Dick's was best known for their live music, pub menu and the Big Dick's Burger food challenge, goading guests into eating "nine 1/3-pound patties slathered in cheese." The diner who eats the burger in 15 minutes receives a T-shirt, the meal on the house and "a set of false teeth once worn by champion eater George Washington."

The Boulder City incarnation of the Bourbon Street Sports Bar was planning to offer plenty of sports tuned TVs, while the Boulder City Review revealed they would also host "amusement park/carnival type games and "fun" drinks like you would find on Bourbon Street in New Orleans." The North Las Vegas changeover is currently on a temporary pause, pending final liquor licensing approval.

Whiskey Dick's

2750 E Craig Rd, North Las Vegas, NV 89030 (702) 399-3425