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Updating The Tijuana-Inspired Downtown Sanchez Tavern

A forthcoming downtown bar wants to transport you south of the border.

Downtown Sanchez
Downtown Sanchez
Bradley Martin

The downtown tavern heading to Fourth Street, across the block from the Juhl, wants you to imagine the Mexican-themed bar is so authentic, it wouldn't look out of place on a Tijuana street.

Currently still known as Downtown Sanchez, but also referred to as Señor Gringo's on plan renderings, the tavern will take over a former 1942-built residence. Behind the vision is IZ Design Studios, who created the look for now-shuttered retailers and restaurants Kitson and Koto at the Linq and Meatball Spot at Town Square and SHe at Crystals.

The main tavern room fills 536 square feet, seating 35 people, or 59 outside on the 893-square-foot patio. The far larger focus will be on the 2,084-sqaure-foot rear patio, with enough room for 138.

The front patio will add new trees and foliage and plenty of seats, while the exterior design appears to include a stucco white facade and Colonial doors. The tavern plans to host food trucks to provide all the dining options, as the concept will not be building its own kitchen.

Live music is not expected, unless on special occasions, but there will be plenty of music in the air and "themed" uniforms for their staff.

A timetable for an arrival has not be revealed.

The Juhl

, Las Vegas, NV