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Overhead view of the Las Vegas Strip
Overhead view of the Las Vegas Strip
Amelinda B Lee

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Las Vegas Dining 101: A Guide for Eating and Drinking in Sin City

Everything you need to know about feeding yourself, from classic cheap eats to essential splurges, in Las Vegas

Between the 42.2 million tourists who visit Las Vegas every year and the nearly 2.2 million residents in the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area, they all have one thing in common — they get hungry.

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Las Vegas is full of restaurants to explore, new and old. Eater is here to guide you to the right spot for every situation, whether you need a reliable late-night restaurant, a swanky place to impress a date or the perfect restaurant for a business meeting. Bookmark this guide, updated regularly, to stay on top of all of your dining and drinking needs.

Braised pork Duroc at The Black Sheep
Braised pork Duroc at The Black Sheep
Amelinda B Lee


First things first, let's talk basics — these are Eater's signature maps, updated regularly to highlight the best of the best and the newest of the new.

UPDATED Eater 38 — Updated every quarter, this map features 38 of the most essential restaurants in and around Las Vegas, spanning multiple neighborhoods, cuisines and price points.
UPDATEDEater Heatmap — Updated monthly, this map features the hottest new destinations in town, restaurants that just opened and already have a huge following.
UPDATEDAn Eater's Guide to Dining in Las Vegas — A good overview of the dining scene in Las Vegas.
NEW The Ultimate Visitor’s Guide To Eating and Drinking in Las Vegas
Chef's Tables — Get up close and personal with chefs.
The Most Amazing Dining Experience in Las Vegas — é by José Andrés
A Conventioneers' Guide to Las Vegas
JBF Award Nominees in Las Vegas
Great Buffets
NEW • Must-See Dining Rooms
UPDATEDSecret Restaurants and Bars
NEWThe Most-Anticipated Restaurant and Bar Openings in Las Vegas: Summer 2019 Edition
UPDATED The Biggest Restaurant and Bar Openings in 2019
NEWEvery Restaurant That Opened in 2019
NEWEvery Restaurant That Closed in 2019
Neighborhood Gems to Frequent
Cool Things Inside Las Vegas Restaurants
UPDATED • How To Eat Your Way Through the Las Vegas Strip in 24 Hours
NEW • How to Eat and Drink Your Way Through Downtown Las Vegas in 24 Hours
New Patios — Get outside while you can
NEW Rooftop Patios
NEW Essential Patios on the Strip
NEW Pretty Bathrooms
UPDATED • A Guide to Happy Hours — Places to pick up deals.
Eater Vegetarian and Vegan Map — Your guide to vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Las Vegas.
Gluten-Free Menus — Where to find restaurants that specialize in gluten-free dishes
Secret Menus on the Strip
UPDATED • Kid-Friendly Restaurants — These restaurants feature menus just for kids.
UPDATED Restaurants Every First-Time Visitor Should Try
Every Restaurant That Opened in 2017
Every Restaurant That Closed in 2017
Every Restaurant That Opened in 2018
Every Restaurant That Closed in 2018

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UPDATED Eater Brunch Heatmap — This map shows you every single brunch in Las Vegas.
UPDATED Eater Brunch Essentials — Some of the best brunches you can count on every weekend.
UPDATEDEater Breakfast Map — You need to start the day with a good breakfast. This is your guide to some of the best in Las Vegas.
Weekday Brunch Map — Nab brunch all week long.
All Things Breakfast in Las Vegas — Maps, guides and tips.
Late-Night Breakfasts
Your Power Lunch Guide — Get down to business


What are you craving? Let these maps show you the way to a great meal at any price point.

Bazaar Meat
Bazaar Meat
Bazaar Meat


Pot Roasts
Extreme Meat Dishes
Dazzling Duck Dishes
Where To Dig Into Cheese Steaks
Where To Find Real Kobe Beef
What To Order at the Steakhouses of Las Vegas
UPDATEDIconic Burgers To Try Before You Die
Fabulous Fried Chicken
Where To Eat Prime Rib
UPDATEDMust-Eat Chicken Wings
A Handy Guide to Barbecue Restaurants in Las Vegas
Iconic Meat Dishes in Las Vegas
A Handy Guide to Hot Dogs in Las Vegas
Cheap Hot Dogs in Las Vegas
Great Fish and Chips
Great Kebobs in Las Vegas
Random Meats on a Stick
NEWA Guide to Charcuterie
Great Hawaiian Barbecue
Korean Barbecue in Las Vegas
All Things Barbecue

Peruvian chaufa rice at Once
Peruvian chaufa rice at Once
Amelinda B Lee


Eastern European Restaurants
Great Cuban Fare
Persian Food To Try
Terrific Korean Restaurants
Peruvian Restaurants to Try
Great German Fare
Awesome Seafood
French Restaurants You Should Frequent
Tasty Crepes
UPDATEDItalian Restaurants You Should Know
Osso Buco
Great Irish Pubs
Grab Some Good Creole Food
Great Mexican Restaurants
Must-Try Greek Restaurants
Kosher Restaurants
Authentic Mexican Restaurants
Brazilian Restaurants
NEWColumbian Restaurants

Tacos at Camaradas
Tacos at Camaradas
Amelinda B Lee


UPDATED Tacos to Try
NEW In Vegas, Bonito Michoacán’s Menu Is a Scrapbook of the Best Dishes from One Family’s Early Days in Mexico
NEWHow Las Vegas’s One and Only Mexican-Italian Food Truck Came to Be
Brazilian Restaurants
NEW Pozole
NEWColumbian Restaurants
Great Tamales
Great Cuban Fare
Peruvian Restaurants to Try
Great Mexican Restaurants
Authentic Mexican Restaurants
Novelty Tacos You Must Try
Tacos To Add To Your Agenda


Great Jamaican Food
Great Cuban Fare

Lobster pot pie at Michael Mina
Lobster pot pie at Michael Mina


NEWOyster Bars
Novelty Lobster Dishes
Awesome Seafood
Where To Find Fabulous Hawaiian Poke
Where To Find Oysters
Ultimate Guide to Sushi
Great Sushi Happy Hours

Traditional poutine at Fries N’ Pies
Traditional poutine at Fries N’ Pies
Amelinda B Lee


UPDATED Duck Fat Fries
Charcoal-Activated Dishes
Great Deviled Eggs
Cotton Candy
Dole Whip
Tasty Avocado Toast
Iconic Sandwiches to Try Before You Die
Fancy Pants Versions of French Fries
Beer-Infused Dishes
Essential Pizza Restaurants of Las Vegas
Insane Breakfast Dishes in Las Vegas
UPDATEDA Great Guide to Breakfast Burritos
Where To Find Boba Teas
Where To Find Fabulous Hawaiian Poke
Where To Find Oysters
Pumpkin-Flavored Dishes

Sushi Takashi
Sushi Takashi
Sushi Takashi


NEW Best Bets for Asian Food in Chinatown
NEW Hand-Pulled Noodles
NEW Taiyaki
Korean Food
Great Udon Noodles
Terrific Omakase
Great Asian Street Food
Hainanese Chicken Rice
UPDATEDA Guide to Asian Restaurants in Las Vegas
Great Matcha
All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Guide
Asian Buffets
Ultimate Guide to Sushi
UPDATEDGreat Sushi Happy Hours
A Handy Guide to Chinese Restaurants in Las Vegas
Where to Find Pho
Sushi Burrito Madness
Asian Hot Pots
Where to Find Ramen
UPDATED A Guide to Filipino Food
UPDATED Essential Indian Restaurants
Essential Thai Restaurants
Try the Roving Dim Sum Carts
Great Soba Noodles
Tour Vegas' Asian Bakeries
Terrific Korean Barbecue
Asian Fusion Dishes All Over Las Vegas
Great Izakayas
Great Robata

Yogurt latti with grape cotton candy and taro latti with cotton candy at Loftti Cafe
Yogurt latti with grape cotton candy and taro latti with cotton candy at Loftti Cafe
Amelinda B Lee


Looking for great desserts in Las Vegas? Consult Eater Vegas’ Sweets Week Coverage, or check out these maps and guides:

Cotton Candy
Dole Whip
A Boozy Milkshake Crawl on the Las Vegas Strip
Ube Treats
Great Cupcakes
Tasty Gelato
Excellent Soft Serve Ice Cream
UPDATEDA Handy Guide to Doughnuts
Great Bakeries in Las Vegas
Tasty Cookies
UPDATEDCool Ice Cream Shops in Las Vegas
Terrific Candy Shops
Where to Find Honey Toast
Pies That You Must Try
Iconic Desserts
Boozy Milkshakes
Rolled Ice Cream

The Bird at Juniper Cocktail Lounge
The Bird at Juniper Cocktail Lounge
MGM Resorts


Looking for great cocktails in Las Vegas? Consult Eater Vegas’ Cocktail Week Coverage, or check out these maps and guides:

UPDATEDWhere To Drink in Las Vegas
UPDATED Essential Bars in Las Vegas
UPDATED Where to Drink Whiskey
How To Do a Bar Crawl in the Arts District
Great Rum Bars
UPDATED The Complete Guide to Las Vegas Nightclubs
Great Hangover Cures
UPDATED Essential Pool Parties
Head To These Outdoor Bars
Poolside Cocktails
Fun Giant Cocktails
UPDATEDEssential Coffee Shops of Las Vegas
UPDATED A Guide to Dive Bars in Las Vegas
UPDATEDSports Bars with Great Food
Breweries You Should Frequent
Where to Drink Great Craft Beers
Excellent Wine Lists
NEWOver-the-Top Bloody Marys
Bottomless Bloody Marys All Over Las Vegas
Bottomless Mimosas for Days
Where To Sing Karaoke
Great Barrel-Aged Cocktails in Las Vegas
Where Bartenders Like to Drink
UPDATED • Margaritas You Should Try
Everything You Need To Know About Cocktails
Classic Cocktails All Over Las Vegas
All Things Bubble Tea
Boozy Milkshakes All Over Las Vegas
Where to Drink Sake
Hangover Remedies
Essential Tiki Cocktails
Gay-Friendly Bars and Nightclubs
Hot Chocolate Options
Smoked Cocktails

Salmon at Eatt Gourmet Bistro
Salmon at Eatt Gourmet Bistro
Amelinda B Lee


Looking for great healthy dining options in Las Vegas? Consult these maps and guides:

Get Healthy at These Juice Bars
Eater Vegetarian and Vegan Map
Where To Find the Impossible Burger
UPDATED Gluten-Free Menus
UPDATED Great Healthy Dining Options

Golden Steer Steakhouse
Golden Steer Steakhouse
Golden Steer Steakhouse


Classic Restaurants to Try Before You Die
UPDATEDClassic Las Vegas Dishes
The History of the Gourmet Room
Mike Minor Reflects on The Vintage Dining Scene in Las Vegas
See How Downtown Gem Hugo’s Cellar Makes Dishes Table Side
Remembering Fat Tuesday’s, The Cavalier, Showboat and More
Oysters Worth the Hour-Long Wait at Palace Station
José Martel on 32 Years of Michael’s Gourmet Room
6 Places Frequented by Tony ‘The Ant’ Spilotro
20 Iconic Vegas Dining Rooms To See Before You Die
The Inside Secrets of the Timeless Classic Piero’s
Andre Rochat, Vegas’ First Celebrity Chef, Reflects on 35 Years

McCarran International Airport
McCarran International Airport


NEW Where To Eat and Drink at Las Vegas Ballpark, Home of the Aviators
NEW Automated Drinking and Dining
NEW Afternoon Tea
Interesting Buffets
Southern Food
A Guide to Edible Pot
CBD-Infused Drinks
Restaurants with Great Views
Romantic Restaurants
Late-Night Dining Spots
Where To Dine 24 Hours a Day
NEW Graveyard Specials
Where Chefs Like to Eat
Sports Bars with Great Food
UPDATED Where To Eat at McCarran International Airport
NEW Where To Dine Near the Las Vegas Convention Center
UPDATED A Guide to Special Dinners
Hotels with Great Room Service
Get To Know The Iconic McDonald’s Locations in Las Vegas
Food Trucks You Should Know
Restaurants That Are Great for Weddings
Tips for Getting Married in a Las Vegas Restaurant
A Handy Guide to Hawaiian Restaurants in Las Vegas
Dog-Friendly Restaurants
Hometown Comfort Foods
Great Food and Beverage Events
Essential Patios in Las Vegas
Where To Find Caviar

Miso garlic pork belly at Cafe Sanuki
Miso garlic pork belly at Cafe Sanuki
Sam Abrahms


Looking to eat well without spending too much money? Consult the Eater Vegas Cheap Eats Week archive, or jump right to these maps and guides:

Oyster Deals for Less Than $2
UPDATEDLas Vegas’ Top Cheap Eats
NEW Graveyard Specials
UPDATED Inexpensive Tasting Menus
Your Guide to the Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet
25 Cheap Eats Destinations in Las Vegas
Your Guide to Cheap Hot Dogs
Great Cheap Eats All Over Las Vegas

Sunset at Joshua Tree National Park
Sunset at Joshua Tree National Park
NPS/Brad Sutton


Where the Eat and Drink on a Road Trip from Las Vegas
NEWEater’s Guide to the Southwest
NEWDine Near the Red Rocks of Sedona
Grand Canyon Restaurants
Where To Eat Near Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Dine Waterside at These Lake Havasu Restaurants
Restaurants To Try in Laughlin
Essential Restaurants in Pahrump
Where To Dine in Boulder City Near the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead
Great Restaurants Near Bryce Canyon National Park
Try These Restaurants on a Trip to Zion National Park
Great Restaurants Near Joshua Tree National Park
Five Restaurants To Try in Mesquite
Five Restaurants To Try on a Road Trip to the Grand Canyon
Five Excuses to Stop in Primm
Where To Dine Near Great Basin National Park
Dine Near Lake Mead

Beauty & Essex
Beauty & Essex
Amelinda B Lee


UPDATEDFashionable Restaurants
Dine Like Nicolas Cage
Where To Find the Stars

Downtown Container Park
Downtown Container Park
Amelinda B Lee


Interested in news close to home? All of Eater Vegas’ stories and maps are categorized by neighborhood, so you can easily focus on specific the Strip, Downtown, Chinatown, Henderson, Summerlin and more. Here's the full neighborhood directory, or try skipping right to one of these popular areas:
The Strip

Or try one of these guides:
NEW Best Bets for Asian Food in Chinatown
UPDATED Fremont East
UPDATED Downtown Summerlin
UPDATED Arts District
Lake Las Vegas
UPDATED Centennial
UPDATED Fremont Street Experience

Five Restaurants To Try
All Neighborhood Guides
The Lakes
Near the Galleria at Sunset, Henderson
Town Square
Scotch 80s
Rhodes Ranch
Silverado Ranch
Near Boca Park
Northwest Las Vegas
Near Red Rock Resort
Before a Golden Knights Game
Views of the Bellagio Fountains
Tivoli Village
The District at Green Valley Ranch
Village Square
Girls’ Night Out
Near the Las Vegas Convention Center
Along the Monorail
Before a Show at The Smith Center
Restaurants with Fireplaces
Restaurants with Live Music
Restaurant Near the Las Vegas Premium Outlets South
Restaurant Near the Las Vegas Premium Outlets North
Near Aliante
Near Cashman Field
Near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Near Lake Mead
Silverado Park Place on Eastern Avenue

Chinatown Deep Dives
Japanese Restaurants in Chinatown
Chinese Restaurants in Chinatown
Vietnamese Restaurants in Chinatown
Thai Restaurants in Chinatown
Korean Restaurants in Chinatown
Taiwanese Restaurants in Chinatown


Eater Vegas is updated multiple times every weekday with breaking news stories (restaurant openings, closings, etc.), features, guides and more. Here are a few ways to stay in the loop:
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Welcome to Las Vegas sign
Welcome to Las Vegas sign
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