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Cutting Board Slicing a Filipino Gastropub into the West Side

San Francisco's Fort Mckinley Restaurant group is expanding to Las Vegas

Cutting Board
Cutting Board

The former 5,918-square-foot Lin Buffet on Rock Springs Drive will soon be transformed into a first for Las Vegas, a "Filipino inspired Gastropub." Aiming for a mid-April arrival, Cutting Board is being created by Barry Picazo and the team behind the four-year-old Fort McKinley restaurant in South San Francisco.

Describing the exterior remodel as "industrial," the roomy interior will include community tables and refurbished wood accents. Already promised for the menu, longganisa sliders with a mango-papaya salad, "crispy pork sisig," paella, black mussels in basil-coconut milk, their version of longsilog, grilled squid, escargot in spicy coconut milk and a favorite dessert on their original menu, bibingka soufflé.

Before the Chinese buffet, the space operated as the Filipino restaurant Pancit Adobo and was handed over to the McKinley team with a karaoke area, parquet dance floor and a DJ booth. In San Francisco, the Fort regularly features regular live entertainment, but it has not been announced if that tradition will continue in Las Vegas.

Pancit Adobo

2131 Rock Springs Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89128 (702) 452-3626