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Million Dollar Eggslut To Replace Va Bene Caffè Due at Cosmopolitan

Everything you need to know about the Las Vegas Eggslut so far

Eggslut Las Vegas
Eggslut Las Vegas
Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The six-month mystery of where L.A.'s Eggslut will land at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has finally been solved. New paperwork reveals chef Alvin Cailan's first expansion out of California will take over the 950-square-foot space that hosted the Va Bene Caffè Due coffee spot until earlier this month.

Plywood already surrounds the project that has allocated an estimated $960,000 for construction costs, remodeling the walls, floors, ceiling and adding new equipment. Previous reports had logged the space at a larger, but still equally compact 1,500 square feet.

Located a few steps from Holsteins Shakes & Buns, like their original 20-seat home inside Downtown L.A.'s Grand Central Market, Eggslut will be casual service and guests will belly up to the counter or sit on high stools. The interior of Va Benne offered just enough room for a handful of stools with views of the Chandelier Bar and around a dozen small chairs outside the coffee shop.

The resort has yet to announce the future second-floor location, but via posters and online updates continues to assure fans the egg-centric menu will arrive this spring. First tipped last October, Eggslut almost immediately began hiring, giving the mistaken impression they were ready to debut.

Opening hours are expected to be from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m, but Cailan has floated the idea of opening late on weeknights and weekends to catch the Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub crowd across the promenade. The possibility of 24-hour service in the future has also been considered.

A former food truck, Eggslut is run by Cailan and manager Jeff Vales. Serving elevated breakfast sandwiches, their passion for eggs is no gimmick and they have been working on possible Vegas-only creations to join cult favorites such as the $9 Slut, "a coddled egg on top of a smooth potato purée, poached in a glass jar and served with a demi baguette" and the $7 Fairfax, made with "soft scrambled eggs and chives, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and sriracha mayo."

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

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