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ReBar Will Host a Boozeless Sneak Peek this First Friday

Downtown's ReBar is not yet ready to "recycle, repurpose and reuse."


ReBar on Main St. has been promising an April 1, First Friday, sneak peek behind the scenes for months, but it will be just a peek, not a pint you'll receive, if you turn up to check on their progress.

Created by Derek Stonebarger, formerly of Atomic Liquors, the bar's motto is "recycle, repurpose and reuse," where almost everything inside, from the decor, to the seats, to the lighting will be for sale.

Posting to Facebook, ReBar has explained they now won't be serving anything from their still promised "100+ wines" or "corn free cocktails" inventory, but instead will invite lookie-loos to discover how building a new bar isn't always an exact science:

"Basically you can just walk in the door and see a construction zone. It took us 4 months to get our plumbing plans approved so we're a little behind schedule LOL."

Created inside the former Amberjoy's Vintage Closet store, ReBAr will offer 1,775 square feet of main bar, plus a rear patio with room for 44 and eight seats right on Main Street. The long bar that dominates the left hand side of the tavern will host as many as 22, while a mix of chairs, sofas and armchairs fill the rest of the space.

Described as a mix of "oddities" and "antiques," the interior decor will change as new pieces are added and existing stock is sold.


1225 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89104, USA