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Crazy New Pizza Rock Pie and Batman, Superman on Ice

A roundup of the smaller stories you may have missed

Pizza Rock
Pizza Rock
Amelinda B Lee

GREEN VALLEY RANCH — Pizza Rock has a new specialty pizza — The Sinferno — created by chef Billy Lundgren starting on Sunday, March 6, for the week. The pie features three of Tony Gemignani's signatures sauces with a kick (American, Italian and San Marzano), with a three cheese blend of white cheddar, asiago and mozzarella, topped with Calabrese peppers, sweet and spicy Calabrese sausage and crimini mushrooms. This speciality pizza will be available for $17, through March 12. [EaterWire]


Batman. Photo: Minus5 Ice Bar

MONTE CARLO — Fans of the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, coming out on March 25, can get their fix of the superheroes with the new ice sculptures at Minus5 Ice Bar. Superman and Batman both get their due with head-in-the-hole mashup displays of both characters, made from one and a half tons of 100 percent pure Canadian ice. The sculptures weigh in at about 3,000 pounds, guests can pose with their favorite comic book character. [EaterWire]

TOWN SQUARE and WESTSIDE — Fleming’s now has reserve pours of the LVE Collection by John Legend through March 29. The LVE Cabernet Sauvignon goes for $25 per glass and the LVE Chardonnay for $16 per glass. [EaterWire]

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

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Pizza Rock

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