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The Downtown Donut Bar 'Super Secret Soft Opening' Starts Now

San Diego's Donut Bar arrives with a Simpsons-themed "Homer" bathroom

Donut Bar Las Vegas
Donut Bar Las Vegas

The self-described "MOST AWARD WINNING Donut in the USA!," can now be purchased downtown, next door to Carson Kitchen and replacing the shuttered O Face Doughnuts. Where the local doughnut makers failed, San Diego's Donut Bar is pushing hard to succeed, serving their cult-favorite doughnuts, Stumptown brand coffee and even offering a Homer Simpson-themed bathroom.

Providing a video tour of his expansion minutes before its debut, owner and creator Santiago Campa describes with characteristic enthusiasm his affection for the new Synesso Espresso Machine and Stumptown Nitro Brew Tap inside the 3,000-square-foot facility. He also gives the first tour of what may become one of the most photographed bathrooms in Las Vegas.

Santiago Campa | Facebook

Once things settle, opening hours will be Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. until "soldout" and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. until "soldout." Do not assume the term "soldout" is a mere marketing gimmick. In San Diego, the company is used to daily long lines around the block for the heavily promoted treats.

While there are a handful of stools inside, guests can also eat and enjoy the communal courtyard in the middle of the John E. Carson Hotel complex that houses the adjacent restaurants and retailers.

Indoors, the doughnuts are made in multiple flavors and themes. Choices include the "Big Poppa Tart," mud pie, maple Bourbon, Boston creme, apple fritter, cake batter and naturally, the super-sized "Homer's donut."

Carson Kitchen

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