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What Happens Here, Stays Here Now Comes as a Beer

Tenaya Creek created the beer that debuts at Coachella

Limited-edition #WHHSH beer
Limited-edition #WHHSH beer

Las Vegas now has its own beer to go along with its most famous motto, “What Happens Here, Stays Here.” The new limited edition #WHHSH beer drops at Coachella April 16-17 in Palm Springs, Calif.

Tenaya Creek Brewery, which moved to Downtown Las Vegas late last year, created #WHHSH, a pale ale with notes of citrus and pine. But don’t think you can find it on shelves. The beer is only available  at select Las Vegas-sponsored events.

The beer is the first of Las Vegas’ limited edition #WHHSH products heading to an event near you. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority plans to roll out a series of products with the #WHHSH brand.

“As the first endeavor to incorporate products into the WHHSH campaign, we wanted to make something fitting for Las Vegas and, most importantly, we wanted to convey what the Las Vegas brand stands for,” said Arnie DiGeorge, executive creative director at R&R Partners, which handles the LVCVA account, in a press statement. “What Happens Here, Stays Here has always been about the freedom to be and do in Vegas what you can't at home. We felt that #WHHSH Beer is the perfect embodiment of that and a reminder of what awaits when you embrace the Vegas lifestyle.”