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Checking the Progress of Pier 215 and Ramen Kobo by Monta

Asian dining will join the second home of The Protein Source.

Ramen Kobo
Ramen Kobo

Located a mile from the forthcoming Ikea megastore, the built from scratch 217,800-square-foot Durango Arby Plaza retail center will soon feature a couple of dining tenants worth a trip to Spring Valley.

Now in the final phases of construction, Ramen Kobo is being created by the same team as Monta Ramen in Chinatown and Monta Chaya in Henderson. Commercial builders W G Constructors LLC have been working on the project, fast becoming a go-to company for collaborating on Asian restaurant design. Their recent work includes Hobak BBQ and Yui Edomae Sushi in Chinatown and Yojie Japanese Fondue.

Renderings and photographs for Monta Ramen show a light wood interior, with a causal atmosphere and plenty of seats at the ramen bar facing the kitchen. The dining room, restroom and kitchen appear to be close to a debut.

Pier 215 Pier 215

Pier 215 - Photo: Facebook

Close by, newcomer Pier 215 has also finished the exterior work on their mystery project. While hiring for weeks, little is know about the restaurant other than a promise of a "sushi, seafood, grill."

Also nearing completion, the second location for health-conscious locals The Protein Source, who are building a 1,498-square-foot restaurant and smoothie and juice bar. Their original home debuted eight miles to the north in August 2015.

The plaza will eventually host a Cafe Rio, Starbucks and Subway, plus the center's anchor, a 35,000-square-foot EOS Fitness.