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Your First Look Inside Khai Vu's New Le Pho

Plus some of the menu

Le Pho Vietnamese Kitchen
Le Pho Vietnamese Kitchen
Amelinda B Lee

Take a first look inside Le Pho Vietnamese Kitchen, the new restaurant from Khai Vu of District One fame in the Juhl in Downtown Las Vegas. Vu calls it a "mixture of essentials to create an atmosphere of comfort and perfection; this is an analogous of perfect mixture of ingredients to create such essence in a traditional Vietnamese kitchen."

Dan Coughlin, chef and owner of Le Thai, Vu of District One Kitchen & Bar and Puoy Premsrirut, attorney and businesswoman, are behind this new restaurant.

Take a seat at the spring roll bar, where Vietnamese spring rolls are put together in front of guests.

The restaurant also has a "grab-and-go option" for guests on the go.

Look for pho in chicken, ribeye and oxtail varieties, as well as the house special with ribeye, flank steak, beef tendon, tripe and meatball. Three banh mi sandwiches make the menu as well, including a pho-dipped option with slow-cooked beef brisket and eggs served with taro chips and a bowl of broth for dipping. Chicken wings in a tamarind sauce, the Le Pho spring roll with pork and scallion oil and a DIY platter with baked salmon and nem nuong pork are included. The lotus root salad features crispy sesame rice crackers, sliced pork and shrimp in fish sauce vinaigrette with peanuts and cilantro. Also find vermicelli rice noodle bowls, fried rice with dried shrimp and asparagus, a ginger chicken, a duck noodle bowl with bok choy and organic egg and hoi an chicken rice.

Le Pho

353 E Bonneville Ave #115, Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 384-5563