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Du-Par's Now 'Always Open' at Suncoast

A favorite restaurant of The Killers heads west

Du-Par's Restaurant & Bakery
Du-Par's Restaurant & Bakery
Amelinda B Lee

Du-Par's Restaurant & Bakery
Address: Suncoast, 9090 Alta Drive
Phone: 702-636-7111
Status: Open 24 hours

The brand has been active in Los Angeles since 1938 and serving up the "Best Pancakes in America" downtown at the Golden Gate since 2010. Now, Du-Par's Restaurant & Bakery has debuted at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino, taking over the former coffee shop and promising to be "always open."

The open-plan design features deep red booths, regular tables and photographs that document the history of the company on the walls. On the menu, the "legendary buttermilk hotcakes" once declared the "best pancakes in the U.S." by Esquire Magazine. A full stack of five costs $10.25 and arrives with melted butter and boysenberry or maple hotcake syrup.

Also available, diner and coffee shop favorites served in large portions, including open-faced sandwiches, chicken pot pie, a broad selection of pies and special items unique to Las Vegas, like the "hearty beef stew" and spaghetti for lunch and dinner.

Downtown, Du-Par's replaced the former Bay City Diner and kept the diner's famous shrimp cocktail deals on the menu. The restaurant has been frequently named checked by The Killers and their frontman Brandon Flowers, a vocal advocate for their pancakes.


9090 Alta Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89145 (702) 636-7111 Visit Website