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Bonchon Chicken Taking a Little Longer to Land in Spring Valley

An update on when you bite into Korean-style fried chicken

Bonchon Chicken
Bonchon Chicken

Bonchon Chicken is still on the way to Las Vegas, just taking a little more time than first imagined. Revealed last September, the cult purveyors of Korean-style crunchy, crispy fried chicken wings, strips and drumsticks missed a once-planned March debut, but is now telling Facebook fans to look for a June arrival. The local operators have also updated their Yelp place holder page announcing a June 6 debut.

The first Nevada home will take over 3,363 square feet of highly visible space at the Rainbow Sunset Pavilion retail center, "just north of the 215 on the west side of Rainbow" and close to Kobe Sushi Bistro, Cracked Egg and Crab Corner. The Bonchon footprint includes a 1,140-square-foot, covered outdoor patio space.

Branded with the catchphrase "addicted yet?," and boasting a CNN endorsement as "the best chicken wings in the country," Bonchon's crispy chicken recipe is central to their menu, but other casual choices include bulgogi sliders, potstickers, bibimbap, and takoyaki, fried octopus dumplings. Created in 2002 in Pusan, South Korea, the Bonchon name can now be found in 40 locations from New York to California.

Kobe Sushi Bistro

6375 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 898-9998