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A Little Longer To Wait for Burger Lounge to Arrive at Aria

A California favorite needs a couple more months to arrive in Vegas

Burger Lounge
Burger Lounge
Bradley Martin

Originally promised to be open by March, Southern California's Burger Lounge needs more than a brisk three months of remodeling to take over a former coffee kiosk on Aria's casino floor.

Located in an an advantageous spot next door to the resort's poker room, Burger Lounge recently responded via Twitter, "we're looking at June," when asked for an updated opening date. The restaurant is still hiring for positions from general manager to cook.

Burger Lounge's signature creation is their grass-fed burger, made with "100% American, single source, never frozen beef," plus options like organic cheese and house-made Thousand Island dressing. Their Lounge Bun is made with a "blend of organic wheat and white flour" and they also offer a gluten-free bun.

Aria will be paying the bill for building the 1,325-square-foot project, saddled with an original estimated construction budget of $923,000. The resort will run the restaurant and Burger Lounge will "help oversee the venue" in the profit-sharing venture.

If the expansion proves a success, Burger Lounge CEO J. Dean Loring has already announced, "We may may have an interest in opening additional locations in Vegas, either on the Strip partnering with MGM or in other areas in Vegas."


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