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Made LV Is About To Become a PKWY Tavern

Elizabeth Blau and Kim Canteenwalla sell their Tivoli Village location

Made LV
Made LV
Amelinda B Lee

Big news out of Tivoli Village late tonight. Restaurateur Jonathan Fine plans to slowly transition Made LV into a PKWY Tavern location. Not only does this move allow Fine Entertainment Management to introduce gaming aspect to the location, but also a custom loyalty rewards app.

Elizabeth Blau and her husband Kim Canteenwalla are partnering with Fine on the new venture.

Blau and Canteenwalla opened Made LV in 2014 and brought a variety of special dinners that included Bryan Forgione and Sammy DeMarco, along with a casual atmosphere to the oft-maligned shopping center on the west side.

Fine’s PKWY Tavern already has a location at the former cowboy-inspired Roadrunner Saloon chain in January 2015. The 24-hour PKWY Tavern features 250 available beers and a daily happy hour.

Made LV features cornhole, a mini arcade, a library of retro board games and three outdoor patios.

Made LV

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