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Updating California's Tacos Huevos Headed Downtown

A late night taquéria is coming to the Arts District

The Corner Building
The Corner Building
Bradley Martin

New updates on the first dining tenant confirmed for the Corner Building on Main Street. The former Corner Store Furniture Co. is currently being turned into 10,784-square-foot retail and dining hub. Tacos Huevos plans to occupy 1,764 square feet, operating a restaurant with a bar and access to a 463-square-foot outdoor seating area.

California-based restaurateur Chris Pike will oversee the casual spot, described by his real estate broker Ryan Misaresh as a "quick-serve, taquéria-style restaurant with a few gastronomical twists." Craft beer and wine are also part of the plan.

Sitting across the street from a more formal Mexican restaurant, Casa Don Juan, Pike has a bold plan to operate from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m. Confident locals will take to the almost round the clock operating hours, Pike explained to Misresh:

"I’ve seen this kind of hipification before," says Pike. "It reminds me of Hollywood or Silver Lake before the renaissance there. Young artists will find a place to create, and most of them can’t afford to do what they do in the higher rent districts. I’ve been a part of that kind of creative energy, and I’d love to be a part of it again."

Tacos Huevos is aiming for an August debut.