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Whisk Away to Tokyo Inside the New Sake Rok

See what the Sakura Terrace has to offer

Sake Rok
Sake Rok
Amelinda B Lee

Take a trip to Tokyo inside the new Sake Rok, the restaurant with entertainment now open at The Park. Find a mix of modern industrial elements with bold pops of color.

Those distressed murals that line the walls were inspired by the underground graffiti scene, created and painted by local artist Crystal Solis. Japanese signs hang from overhead.

Above the main dining room and mezzanine, a private event space, dubbed Sakura Terrace at The Park opens up to a 1,300-square-foot balcony with views of T-Mobile Arena and the Las Vegas Strip. Sake Rok hopes that Sakura Terrace will become event space.

Guests can find American classics as well as Japanese cuisine on the menu.

The theatrical restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and a features a late-night bar and lounge. At night guests are pulled into an experience that is part culinary and part performance with nightly deejays, "sporadic theatrical vignettes" and "dynamic digital content."

Sake Rok

6 Park Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 706-3022