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Shang Artisan Noodle To Neighbor Yonaka Modern Japanese

Handmade noodles are on their way

Shang Artisan Noodle rendering
Shang Artisan Noodle rendering

WG Constructors are quickly becoming the go-to creative force for the next wave of local Asian restaurants. Their latest project has taken them to a familiar site, right next door to perennial favorite Yonaka Modern Japanese and soon to be home to Shang Artisan Noodle.

The 1,172-square-foot vacant space has allocated an estimated $150,000 construction budget to launch their "handmade Chinese noodle restaurant." Current plans indicate there will be room enough for 14 facing the open-plan kitchen and 20 more seats hugging the wall. Interior work has already begun on the project described as "coming soon."

WG's recent work includes Yui Edomae Sushi and Hobak Korean BBQ in Chainatown and Doh Korean BBQ in the southwest. Their next major unveiling will be Ramen Kobo in Spring Valley, operated by the same team as Monta Ramen in Chinatown and Monta Chaya in Henderson. Proof there is no slow down to the new Asian choices, Kobo sits close to Pier 215, a Japanese-focused sushi and seafood grill, which officially debuts later this month.

Yonaka Modern Japanese

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