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Bacon Boys Lands Its First Bricks-and-Mortar Location

The food truck now has a home

Bacon Boys
Bacon Boys

Bacon Boys
Address: Inside the Old Vegas Tavern, 3850 E. Desert Inn Road
Phone: 725-222-6696
Status: Open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Like bacon? Bacon Boys, the food truck, now has its very own location inside the Old Vegas Tavern serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“We missed seeing our locals all the time,” says owner Brian Mosko in a press statement. “We wanted to be a bigger part of the community. And now we can offer burger and beer specials!”

Bacon Boys

Bacon Boys

Now Bacon Boys can serve up a broader menu that includes hand-cut French fries that are never frozen, a bacon and beef blend hand-pressed burger patty, deep fried tequila shots and bacon-wrapped, tempura-battered deep fried Oreos.

Fans of the food truck can find the half-bacon, half-beef burger with a fried egg and French fries; the Bacon Boys take on chicken and waffles with bacon barbecue bourbon chicken with extra bacon inside of a waffle cone; the Donut[Dot]Vegas with a Pinkbox donut sliced in half and served with bacon, egg, and cheese; and the Big Weiner with a deep fried, bacon-wrapped hot dog.

Bacon Boys

Bacon Boys

In 2015, Bacon Boys served:

• 2,806 orders of hand cut French fries.

• 1,875 Turkey Wrecker sandwiches and found that chipotle mayo is the preferred option.

• 1,499 Aunt Matilda sandwiches.

• 1,451 W.T.B sandwiches.

• 3,859 beverages.

Old Vegas Tavern

3850 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89121 (702) 547-0045