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Your First Look Inside Burger Lounge at Aria

The California burger chain boasts never frozen meat

Burger Lounge
Burger Lounge
Amelinda B Lee

La Jolla’s Burger Lounge made its first foray into Las Vegas when it opened at Aria on Sunday. The healthy ingredient-focused fast casual concept squeezed into a 1,325 square feet space vacated by the Coffee Bean and will be operated by Aria in a profit-sharing venture with the cult favorite Burger Lounge chain. The new Vegas home marks the company's first out-of-state expansion.

On Sunday, the tiny space bustled with customers who ordered the 100 percent American, single-source, never frozen beef, who added options such as organic cheese and a bun made with a blend of organic wheat and white flour. Find the entire menu here.

Back in February, CEO J. Dean Loring said that depending on how guests reacted to the first location, he "may have an interest in opening additional locations in Vegas, either on the Strip partnering with MGM or in other areas in Vegas."

Here, your very first look inside. Find it near the Sports Book and Shawn McClain’s pizza joint Five50 at Aria.

Burger Lounge

717 Emerald Bay Road, , CA 96150 (530) 542-2010 Visit Website