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Thai Restaurant Shut Down by SNHD After Customer Complaints

Customers at Sin City Thai said the food made them sick

Bradley Martin

Sin City Thai at 4850 W. Sunset Road was shut down by the Southern Nevada Health District on Tuesday, May 17, after several customers complained about experiencing diarrhea after dining at the Thai restaurant.

KTNV reports that three customers filed complaints after dining on beef pad Thai and chicken pad Thai.

The inspection uncovered 41 demerits that included a sanitizer bucket sitting next to a cutting board and green onions, food left at room temperature, beef thawed next to dirty dishes and waste, employees not properly washing their hands and a sink that did not have soap or paper towels.

Unchanlee Karnchai, the manager of  Sin City Thai, told the TV station that customers may have gotten sick because they were not accustomed to spicy food.

The restaurant reopened on Thursday, May 19, with an A grade and zero demerits.

Of the restaurant’s other six inspections in the past three years, four resulted in A grades, including a visit last October. Last May, the restaurant earned 36 demerits.

The health district conducts unannounced inspections at least once a year. Inspections are posted online about five days after the inspection. The Southern Nevada Health District routinely shuts down restaurants that receive more than 40 demerits. Restaurants have the option of requesting a re-inspection before the next scheduled inspection.

Sin City Thai Restaurant

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