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Tipsy Taco Bell Cantina Flagship to the Strip

Taco Bell are bringing tapas, alcohol and an "urban concept" to Harmon Corner

Taco Bell Cantina
Taco Bell Cantina
Bradley Martin

Harmon Corner has played host to a unique, experimental, 24-hour Metro McDonald's since 2012 and now Taco Bell wants to bring their own "urban concept" to this high-profile section of the Strip.

Located at the intersection of Harmon and Las Vegas Boulevard, the third Taco Bell Cantina in the country will take over the Bonanno's New York Restaurant and Bar space and replace pizza with an upgraded version of the familiar Taco Bell menu.

Destined to become the "flagship" for future expansions, new elements for the Las Vegas locale include a 439-square-foot, Plexiglas "under lit" patio featuring changing color LED lights. Three umbrellas will protect guests from the elements during the daylight hours.

Large signage will specifically promote one of the Cantina's new innovations, their "Twisted Freezes," already available at their Chicago and San Francisco test sites. The frozen drinks feature rum, tequila or vodka, with current flavors dubbed the "Mountain Dew Baja Blast" "Cantina Punch" and the "Cantina Margarita."

Non-frozen alcohol will also be served at Harmon Corner, with beer, wine and sangria being served at the Chicago location.

Dining upgrades include the self-described "new tapas-style menu of shareable appetizers" including chili cheese nachos, rolled tacos, mini quesadillas and chicken tenders.

Featuring an open kitchen, guests will receive their food served in baskets, in a similar style to Chipotle, the brand most targeted by the new concept. The interior design will most probably feature a mural, plus digital menu boards, plenty of TVs and a "mobile ordering and payment app."

Las Vegas will be competing with Berkeley, California, to debut the third Taco Bell Cantina by the end of the year, but no official announcement of the local project or a timetable for this arrival has been announced.

Bonanno's New York

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