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F. Pigalle Closes the Red Curtain

The sex shop-themed fondue restaurant shutters

F. Pigalle
F. Pigalle
Amelinda B Lee

F. Pigalle sure didn’t last long. The restaurant designed to feel right at home in Paris’ Red Light District with NSFW decor shuttered after service on Saturday night.

The restaurant from Echo & Rig’s Sam Marvin and LEV Restaurant Group's Jeffrey Fine debuted back in December under their new Foodcult brand. DTLV reports that an employee said the two owners "decided to go in different directions." On Facebook, F. Pigalle asks guest to "excuse us as we transform into an exciting new bar concept for downtown."

The restaurant took over the former home of Radio City Pizza with a bright mural from Las Vegas artist Pete Castro created the bright mural depicting Paris’ Quartier Pigalle, home to the dancers of the Moulin Rouge. Guests same in private red booths and concrete steps with room for about 75 inside and 45 in the outdoor bar area. The space itself was decked out in old French newspapers on the walls.

Fondue was the theme here, and guests could order wine in baby bottles, a tip of the hat to a Parisian glass tax levied on stemmed glasses in the early 1800s.

F. Pigalle

508 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 550-4797