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Tacos Huevos Plans Outdoor Seating and a Rotisserie

The first tenant at the Corner Building lands the prime spot

Tacos Huevos
Tacos Huevos
Bradley Martin

The coveted corner tenant at The Corner Building on Main St. is now confirmed to be Tacos Huevos from California-based restaurateur Chris Pike. The 1,764-square-foot, quick serve taquéria will build its front door in the distinctive curved entrance of the former Corner Store Furniture Co.

Hoping for an August debut, Tacos Huevos will also place nine seats directly outside on Main Street and 14 more on California Street Inside, the casual spot intends to be open for long hours, serving to a downtown morning breakfast crowd and a graveyard shift clientele, initially planned from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m. A grab-and-go option will also be available.

For diners who head indoors, the 40 seats include seven facing their bar and five staring out onto Main Street. The kitchen is scheduled to be fitted with a rotisserie, steam table, fryer and grill. Craft beer and wine are already promised and the small bar will include beer taps and an espresso machine.

The 10,784-square-foot building is breaking the remaining space into less than 5,000-square-foot areas for future retail and dining tenants.

Corner Store Furniture Company

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