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Fushimi Sushi & Japanese Steakhouse Joins Kung Fu Tea in Southwest

More Asian concepts are heading south from Chinatown

Rainbow Warm Springs retail center rendering
Rainbow Warm Springs retail center rendering

In a similar fashion to the Durango Arby Plaza retail center two miles to the west, the built-from-scratch project at the corner of Rainbow and Warm Springs is anchoring their growing tenant list with a couple of Asian inspired tenants.

And similar to the once mystery tenant Pier 215 at the Durango center, the Rainbow plaza will host another currently unknown project, Fushimi Sushi & Japanese Steakhouse. Fushimi had also toyed with using "tappan" and "hibachi" in their name, giving a further hint to the direction of their menu. The large, 3,500-square-foot restaurant has an equally impressive estimated construction budget of $295,000.

The main dining space of about 2,300 square feet will be roomy enough to serve 120 guests. Opening hours will be from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and permits for beer, wine and sake have already been submitted. No timetable for arrival has been revealed.

Fushimi will join the second local outpost of Kung Fu Tea, which will occupy 1,235 square feet, a few steps away. The Chinatown favorite, self-described as not your "mom and pop Boba shop," serves a hot and cold drink menu including special teas like bubble, nata jelly and Longan red date, a variety of milks, specialty juices, coffees and slushies with flavors as diverse as Ovaltine and taro.

While a debut date for Kung Fu Tea is yet to be announced, permits for final signage have been filed.

Fushimi Sushi and Japanese Steakhouse

7315 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89113, USA