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Pot Liquor Smokehouse Barbecue at 7 P.M. on a Saturday

See what the dining scene looks like inside this barbecue restaurant

Pot Liquor
Pot Liquor
Amelinda B Lee

Take a look at the scene at Town Square’s Pot Liquor Smokehouse Barbecue, which just changed its name to be a better reflection of things barbecue, including the peach, mesquite and cherry woods used to smoke the brisket for up to 12 hours and the smoker named Big Hank. Eater Vegas photographer shot the scene at 7 p.m. on a Saturday at the height of dinner hour.

Pot Liquor earned its name from the broth in which collard greens and smoked meats have been cooked.

Owners Flip Arbelaez and Doug Bell opened the barbecue restaurant in September 2014 with a menu of Southern fare, including pulled pork nachos, spare riblets, crab fritters and cheddar grits and veggies. On the revamped lunch menu, find a hot link hoagie, beef and cheddar and a smoked turkey club wrap. Groups of eight may want to order the combination platter called A Month of Sundays with one pound of hot links, one pound of pulled pork, one pound of beef brisket, one whole smoked chicken, a full rack of baby back ribs, a full rack of spare ribs, cornbread with honey butter and a choice of four side dishes.

Pot Liquor CAS

6587 Las Vegas Blvd S, B-196, Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 816-4600 Visit Website