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Behold, the Goose Island Pub Food Menu at Hard Rock Hotel

Plenty of craft beers and vintages ales to pair with your "wasted taters"

Goose Island Pub
Goose Island Pub
Bradley Martin

Goose Island Pub has arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel from Chicago, replacing the The Ainsworth and offering their famed selection of craft beers, plus a "pub-style" dining menu.

Open daily from 11 a.m. to an unspecified "late," the former 3,500-square-foot sports bar and cocktail lounge has been given a brighter makeover, with much of The Ainsworth's dark tones removed. Light wood tables and new "urban" fixtures have replaced the leather banquettes and stools. The five TV screens remain in the dining room, stripped of their original ornate frames.

On the beer menu, the $8 "Spruce Goose Flight" of four beers to sample, vintage ales and the "rare Bourbon County brand stout," aged for for two years in 35 year Bourbon barrels and priced at an impressive $100.

For diners, a Chicago twist on pub grub, with many items designed to share.


Maple bacon beer nuts $8
Cast iron Chicago pizza dip $9
Marinara, mozzarella, pepperoni, basil giardinera, garlic crust
Wings + wet fries $13
Plain / BBQ / or hot, with blue cheese dressing. Ask about the goose sauce!
Wasted tater $14
Tater tots smothered with pulled pork, blue cheese and cheddar fondue , jalapeños + scallions
Chicken quesadilla $11
Pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole, salsa

Sandwiches served with house potato chips

Grilled cheese, ham + egg $13
3 cheese blend, honey ham, eggs your way, Parmesan crusted Texas toast. Suggested beer pairing - Matilda

BLTA $15
Piles of sugar cured bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado , roasted garlic mayo, toasted sourdough. Suggested beer pairing - Sofie

South Side Deli 16
Generous amount of corned beef + cole slaw, tomato, goose island mustard, rye served cold unless notified. Suggested beer pairing - Matilda

The Cub Club $14 [add egg +$2]
Roasted turkey, sugar cured bacon, lettuce, tomato, roasted garlic mayo, toasted wheat. Suggested beer pairing - Honkers

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich $16
Italian breaded chicken, marinara, Parmesan + provolone, raw onion, basil, toasted hoagie. Suggested beer pairing -Green Line

Lake Shore Drive Fish n Chips $15
Beer battered cod, french fries, malt vinegar, IPA tartar sauce suggested beer pairing -Goose 312 wheat

Shrimp Po Boy $16
Fried shrimp, iceberg, tomato, creole goose island mayo, hoagie. Suggested beer pairing - Sofie

Sloppy Dog $13
12"-1/2 lb beef Vienna hot dog, goose island chili, cheddar cheese, sided by raw onion + giardinera. Suggested beer pairing -Goose Four Star Pils

Bacon Cheese Burger $15
Half pound patty, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, tomato, lettuce, onion suggested beer pairing -Goose IPA

Buckets to share

Tater tots $11
French fries $10
Onion rings $13
Corn dog babies $14
Jalapeño poppers $17
Fried shrimp $23
Michigan Ave. platter $49

Chicken tenders, onion rings, corn dog babies jalapeño poppers, fried shrimp, fried mozzarella , chips + salsa

Cheese $11
Pepperoni $12
BBQ chicken $13
Steak + arugula $13

Salads or wraps
BBQ chicken salad $14
Grilled chicken, romaine, bacon, roasted corn, tomato cucumber, cheddar cheese, bbq ranch, onion ring
Kale tuna Caesar $14
Blackened seared ahi tuna, caesar dressing parmesan cheese, wheat tortilla
Caprese $11 [add grilled chicken +$3]
Thick cut tomatoes, cucumber, mozzarella, avocado balsamic vinaigrette
B.B.L.T.A.J. $13
Bacon, blue, lettuce, tomato, avocado, jalapeños blue cheese dressing

Goose Island Hard Rock

, Paradise, NV (702) 693-6722