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Goose Island Plans a June Debut in Las Vegas

You'll be drinking the Chicago-based craft beer soon

Goose Island Brew Co.
Goose Island Brew Co.
Bradley Martin

The very first Goose Island Beer Co. in Nevada plans to open its ode to craft beers at the Hard Rock Hotel in June. The taproom takes over the former home of the Ainsworth, which closed last week, with a quick turnaround.

When it debuts, expect to find eight beers on tap, including:

• Goose 312 Wheat Ale — an urban wheat ale with a hazy straw color, light orange hop aroma, fruity ale flavor and creamy body.
• Goose Four Star Pils — a pilsner with a saffron color, bright floral aroma, crisp flavor and light body.
• Goose Green Line Pale Ale — an American pale ale with a goldenrod color, bright American hop aroma, citrus flavor and light crisp body.
• Goose Honker’s Ale — an English-style bitter with a golden sunset color, fruity hop aroma, biscuit malt flavor and soft body.
• Goose IPA — an English India pale ale with a bourbon color, grapefruit aroma, fruity hop flavor and dry body.
• Matilda — inspired by great Trappist ales, this Belgian-style pale ale is fermented with the wild yeast Brettanomyces. Matilda pours a golden sunrise color with dried fruit and clove aromas, a spicy yeast flavor and a satisfying dry finish.
• Sofie — a Belgian-style farmhouse ale with spicy white pepper, citrus tartness, a creamy vanilla finish and light body.
• Summertime Kölsch — a Kölsch with a sunshine color, floral esters, fruity flavors and crisp finish — the perfect summer session ale.

Goose Island also plans to serve up food fit to pair with their Chicago beers. Look for a cast-iron Chicago pizza dip with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, basil and giardiniera; the South Side Deli with corned beef, cole slaw, tomato and mustard made with Goose Honker’s Ale served on rye bread with house potato chips on the side; a shrimp po boy with fried shrimp, iceberg lettuce, tomato and creole mayo made with Goose 312 Wheat Ale and served on a hoagie roll with house potato chips on the side.

The Ainsworth

4455 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89169 702-522-8120