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Pie Five Pizza Co. Bringing Even More Custom Pizzas to Vegas

How many build-your-own-pie brands can Las Vegas support?

Pie Five Pizza Co
Pie Five Pizza Co
Pie Five Pizza Co

The rapid local influx of made-to order, custom pizza purveyors like PizzaRev, Pieology, Project Pie and Blaze Pizza, hasn’t gone noticed by one of the concept’s biggest names.

Dallas-based Pie Five Pizza Co. has zoomed from zero to 91 locations in barely five years, but has yet to hit the west coast. The brand will creep ever closer to the Pacific when Pie Five debuts in Vegas, part of franchiser Foodstone, LLC’s plans to operate 16 locations shared between the city and Louisiana.

On their menu, "28 fresh toppings, 7 savory sauces and 4 made-from-scratch crusts" and a pizza ready in under five minutes. They also feature the "Circle of Crust" loyalty program to help guests earns points towards free food.

The Pie Five announcement comes shortly after news Roaring Twenties newspaper-themed franchise The Pizza Press is also on the way. The jostling for your "build-your-own" pie dollar has resulted in one major consolidation. The parent company of Project Pie at the MGM Grand was bought out by Pieology last month. While they already operate locally at the Hughes Center and Downtown Summerlin, no word yet if they intend to change up the name and menu at the resort.

No locations or timetable for the arrival of Pie Five Pizza have been announced, but a push into casinos is part of brand’s expansion plans, with a site already open at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi.