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Dal Toro Ristorante Has Zoomed Out of the Palazzo

The exotic cars, Italian menu and patio views are gone

Dal Toro Ristorante
Dal Toro Ristorante
Bradley Martin

Part Italian restaurant, part event center, part exotic car showroom, Dal Toro Ristorante has quietly departed the Palazzo after eight years on the north corner of the property. Sitting across from Legasse’s Stadium, the multi-level restaurant also featured a generous patio right on the Strip.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Dal Taro even operated a small espresso and panini cafe. The sprawling footprint with a 300-seat dining room and 60-seat bar was anchored by the ticketed Las Vegas Car Museum, displaying high performance Bugatti, Ferrari and Shelby models.

In 2012, the restaurant ran into a serious lawsuit from luxury car-makers Lamborghini who judged Dal Taro’s logo was much too similar to their iconic shield, plus the company was using their name for promotions without permission and "selling unauthorized ‘knockoffs’ or imitation Lamborghini apparel items and accessories." Dal Taro eventually settled the trademark case.

Dal Toro Ristorante Bradley Martin

Dal Toro Ristorante - Photo: Bradley Martin

Over the years attempts were made to re-brand portions of the facility as an ultra lounge and event space. But four years ago, the restaurant garnered unwanted attention for coming within two points of being shut down by the Southern Nevada Health District after a routine inspection.

There has been no official word of what will replace the 24,000-square-foot void. Dal Toro can still be found in Miami, Aruba, on the Caribbean island of Curaçao and they are promising a new location will be opening "soon" in Palm Beach, even while a private real estate listing indicates all of the company's restaurants are up for sale.

Dal Toro Restaurant

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