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$2 Million Strip Food Court and Fire Sculpture Plans Revived

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Casual food and million dollar views might be back on track

LV Food Court
LV Food Court
Bradley Martin

Almost exactly a year to the day, bold plans to create a new food court and outdoor plaza across Las Vegas Boulevard from CityCenter have been revived and updated.

Designed to sit next door to Fatburger, inside a shuttered McDonald's, the 4,165-square-foot project was dubbed the Boulevard Food Court last year. Newly filed paperwork has renamed it the LV Food Court and assigns a weighty $2,317,568 budget for the construction work.

In addition to the restaurant space remodel, the Strip frontage of the Cable Center Shops will be completely reworked, with original plans calling for a centerpiece, 20-foot-tall "fire sculpture" surrounded by glass railings and "glass features" to protect up to 20 diners from the flames.

LV Food Court Bradley Martin

LV Food Court - Photo: Bradley Martin

Early architectural renderings imagined pizza, doughnuts, ice cream, candy and a small popcorn stand outside the front door. Plaza owners Metroflag Cable LLC chose not to reveal their ambitions last year and have yet to promote the project as it currently continues the approval process.

The original proposal attached Fatburger as a partner in the upgrades. They will be making their own independent expansion later this year, moving into a shared 3,060-square-foot space with Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt at the Las Vegas South Premium Outlets. No arrival date for their ninth local restaurant has been announced.


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