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Your First Look at Libertine Social’s Mural Wall

How a layover in Los Angeles led to Abbott Kinney in Venice Beach and a restaurant concept

The new mural outside Libertine Social
Amelinda B Lee

Take a look at the new mural going up outside Libertine Social, Shawn McClain’s restaurant opening at Mandalay Bay in August.

McClain called upon graffiti artist Alexis Diaz to create this mural on the former "Body Wall" at Shanghai Lilly that tells the fictional story of a Libertine.

As the story goes, McClain, who already has Sage and Five50 Pizza at Aria, was stuck in Los Angeles after his flight was delayed. He met Studio Munge's principal interior designer Alessandro Munge and Modern Mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim, who ended up in Venice Beach's Abbot Kinney neighborhood, heading out on a crawl through dive bars, galleries and consignment shops. "Chef McClain's belief that life's greatest moments are those shared with good food and friends resonated with the trio during their journey," a press release says.

"The eclecticism of Abbot Kinney is what really inspired the idea of Libertine Social," McClain says in a press statement. "While exploring the neighborhood, we created this fictional persona of 'Kyle,' who is the soul of the town, both as an entrepreneur and as the host of its social scene. Eventually, Kyle would guide every decision we made while creating the concept and design for Libertine Social."

Go ahead and check out this artwork in progress, that should be complete now.

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