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Hell’s Kitchen Winner Ariel Malone Now the Head Chef at BLT Steak

She now handles the weekly blackboard specials

Ariel Malone and Gordon Ramsay
Ariel Malone and Gordon Ramsay
Erik Kabik

Ariel Malone won season 15 of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen back in April, and already she’s settled in at BLT Steak at Bally’s Las Vegas as the head chef, a title she won along with a $250,000 a year salary. Now the realty show personality has taken over the blackboard specials at the restaurant.

Ariel Malone's pan-seared chicken breast Erik Kabik

Ariel Malone's pan-seared chicken breast

Next week, look for a pan-seared chicken breast with gremolata butter, spring peas and baby carrots. The week starting Aug. 1, she’s serving a cucumber tomato salad with romaine lettuce, shallots, garlic, parsley and lemon. Then during the week of Aug. 8, look for seared scallops in black bean puree with a summer corn salsa.

The Teaneck, New Jersey, cook has no training, but started working in kitchens 10 years ago. Her Hell’s Kitchen profile notes that the 26-year-old was a chef at a country club. She told the TV show that her signature dish is shashkouka, poached eggs in a tomato sauce with chili peppers, onions and cumin.

On the show Ramsay said her, "creativity and attention to detail has been second to none."

BLT Steak

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